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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Islam, the religion of peace continues---

---as this mother's son now knows!

islam consists of fanatics following the despicable practices of a false prophet who had their allah's complete support.

The "religion" claims to be the "religion of peace" yet the false prophet muhammed raped, enslaved, mutilated, murdered, hacked, burned, beheaded, hung and otherwise slaughtered all of those who would not convert that he (an his armies) could get their hands on.

It's a "religion" founded on impure and fundamentally wrong principals veiled by the argument that it is the religion of "peace".

Calling it the religion of peace does not make it the religion of peace.

This cult of islam is a dangerous cancer on the face of this earth that we all share.

The practitioners demand concessions from people and their governments that no group would or should demand. Concessions that, when clustered elevate their status above those of the dhimmies, infidels--- as they believe they should be!

The islamists, muslims insist that those of us who are not muslims convert, die or serve at their feet--- there is no equality for us, there is no tolerance.

In the interim, until we all convert or get slaughtered they insist we tolerate them and even go so far as to afford them privileges not afforded to others.

Sure, islam--- the religion of peace.

What a farce.


Joseph said...

If the islamic dirtbags want to torture and murder one another within their own twisted religion based on the works of the false prophet and madman Mohammed, then they should do us all a favor hurry up and send themselves into the eternal lake of fire. But when they bring their sickening and evil beliefs to those outside their own demonic cult, they need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice before they can do the innocent any more harm.

ttueoop said...

In the most recent years islam has drawn my interest. Their global antics and intolerance have piqued my interest. I've been learning all I can about their "religion" and have realized it's more of a cult of demonic foundations.

Let's simply say I have my extreme reservations regarding this--- group.