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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The enemy within-

Damn, I'm embarrassed.

I’m not a neo-conservative person nor would I consider myself to be even moderately liberal. I’m conservative on most issues, liberal on some and middle of the road on others.

I’m not a person who subscribes to any political party. I vote for a person not for any particular party’s candidate who simply wishes to promote an agenda--- a platform. So, when I see the politicking that’s been occurring during these last couple of elections I get angry- annoyed and question the motives, tactics and reasoning of a particular candidate, a particular party--- whichever one it might be.

I question their support, their funding sources, their loyalty and patriotism. I wonder why any particular candidate would support a party’s central ideology if that ideology promotes angst, deceit and global humiliation simply to obtain “power” within our government. All parties do it--- all of them do. However, lately the smear tactics, the lies, the assaults on morality, the distortion of facts have reached a new, unprecedented low.

Relevant issues aren’t being discussed. Instead, the politicos choose to attack their opponents personally--- to humiliate and discredit them. The opponent’s morality, family affairs, childhood upbringing, simple mistakes and irrelevant past are assaulted. Distorted “facts” are exposed suggesting the individual is far less a person than he/she claims to be.

Issues addressing illegal immigration, terrorism, health care, abortion, civil rights, private property rights, taxes, the economy--- these issues are cast aside, simply ignored by those candidates who see a need to destroy their opponent’s public image.

Evidently we, the voting public do not have enough common sense, aren’t intelligent enough to determine how this nation’s issues should be addressed. We’re obviously viewed as gossipers, lambs, followers--- citizens who don’t want to help “drive the bus” but want to be driven.

Personally, I could care less if a candidate received a citation for hunting without a license in the 1970’s! I could care less if a candidate blew a .06 on a breathalyzer and was arrested for a driving offense in the 1980’s! I could care less if a candidate had to declare bankruptcy after making a bad business decision--- I could care less about these things if there’s no pattern of continued abuse--- no overall disregard for the law, no living life with wanton and reckless abandon.

It does bother me when politicians abuse their authority to lessen the effects of certain criminal or immoral acts. I don’t appreciate the overall whitewashing of an early morning fatality auto accident, all the while allowing the Senator to continue to “serve”. I don’t condone the rape of our youth, of those who are influenced by power and authority. I don’t appreciate open, obvious assaults on law enforcement officers who are trying to do their jobs. I do believe people who accept bribes in government should be removed from office and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I could go on but my point is made. The bottom line is that there’s been an erosion of morals in our government. We, the citizens are being misled, snubbed, patronized, humiliated, abandoned and ultimately victimized by our current, serving politicians--- regardless of their party affiliation!

I question their claims that they have this country’s best interests in mind! I question their loyalty to us, the citizens they’re supposed to be representing--- serving!

I’m questioning their patriotism--- their compassion to do what is right, not what will benefit them, their party!

In light of the events that have occurred during this most recent “campaign season” I believe we’ve discovered a renewed threat to our very existence as a nation---

This threat is political greed, corruption--- our troubling politicians. The enemy within.

There, I feel better now, I vented.

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