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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The irony of it all!

I've been studying this religion of peace thing for quite awhile now and realize there's a lot to be said about hiding behind a religion.

Following an interesting and lively online message exchange with an islamic practitioner I realized there's absolutely no way we're going to convince these people that there's some serious contradictions in their "religion".

They're indoctrinated- they're obsessed- they're fanatical- even at the lowest level. They refuse to believe the facts you point out to them. They dismiss the obvious challenges to the religion's declared purpose.

In short, they're friggin' BRAINWASHED!!!!

And they handle it oh-so-well!

The online discussion I had today with this particular muslim mirrored dozens of previous online discussions I've had with other low level, non-descript muslims who believe we're all lying.

This particular gentleman started climbing my tree after I responded to a Reuter's story regarding France banning female head covering in their public schools.

At first my comment was a bit skewed- I was totally taken aback that France had banned anything relating to islam. I started out on that tone. I was eventually challenged by this particular individual about my remarks regarding the religion of peace. He seemed to have taken a bit of offense to the facts I was plopping out there for all to see.

The bottom line was he didn't like it! He didn't like the information I was posting.

Throughout his posts he challenged me for substantiation. When I provided the relevant links (Religion of Peace, Faith Freedom, Islam Watch and The Muslim Question... I didn't have enough time for all of the sites I read) he dismissed each of these sites as hate sites. He wouldn't discuss them, wouldn't acknowledge them, wouldn't even reprint them in his comments back to me.

What's interesting is that he condemned me from the get-go as a vile, misleading, uneducated muslim basher who's only purpose was to promote hatred for islam to those who followed our discussion thread. He refused to acknowledge the links I provided other than to dismiss them, he insisted I was a liar without providing any relevant facts that suggested I lied, he insisted I was a "basher" and had no place on this earth.

It was lively, it was entertaining and it was--- chilling.

The more I deal with these people the more I realize they're so damned blinded---- and dangerous.

I did mention the religion of peace's tolerance and understanding--- using the link I used here.

He went ballistics! He refused to visit the site, refused to discuss the contradictions of islam, refused to accept that his religion was responsible for atrocities throughout the world.

In short, he was definitely in denial--- like soooo many others I've interacted with.

So, this is the typical islamic/muslim response to the real world activities--- the real world.

Denial, refusal, accusations of "bashing".

It's pretty damned serious when your muslim neighbor is so ingrained, indoctrinated, out and out brainwashed to the extent that these folks are!


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