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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Father Zakaria Boutros is speaking the truth-

-and the world of islam isn't happy about it.

According to a recent article on the CBN News website Father Zakaria is calling on those in the muslim community to rethink this whole qu'ran thing. He's been pointing out inconsistencies in the qu'ran and "questions the muhammed directly. Zakaria has determined muhammed had his mind set on wordly pursuits, not on peace and the lord.

“He said that his concerns are three things: women, perfume, and food,” Zakaria said. “Where is the kingdom of God? Where is the glory of God? Where is the salvation? Where is love? Where is the mission of a true Prophet of God?”

Zakaria's comments have generated intense uproar throughout the islamic world. Followers of the religion of peace have even placed a $60 million dollar bounty on his head but this doesn't slow him down.

In fact he's intentionally provocative so as to "challenge the muslims to examine their faith."

We need this type of dialogue to occur globally!

A well deserved hat tip to Father Zakaria!


Anonymous said...

Father Zakaria is a brave man who is full of the Holy Spirit. His message of love to Muslims had brought to the Christ many souls. I hope the whole world can listen to what he says.

Jack said...

I heard from a friend of mine about Fr. Zakaria and started to watch im on life TV almost daily. He is great.

Maher said...

Islam will fall down soon

ttueoop said...

anonymous- There are many men and women like Father Zakaria who are full of the holy spirit. They are speaking daily and are trying to share love to muslims. They are all very brave. The whole world can listen but will we?

Jack- Father Zakaria is certainly great! And very good at what he does--- speaking the truth.

Maher- If it does, so be it. I don't think islam should "fall down" though, unless it can't adapt to the new world. muslims need to review the quran, the crux of islam and rethink those messages they believe are held within the ancient islamic verses. Surely there is no God that would advocate death, torture, adultery, rape, pedophilia, deceit, etc. for the sake of a religion and in the name of that God! Surely there is no REAL GOD that would advocate such things.

So there are at least two options--- review the religion's fundamental messages and provide more accurate interpretations of them that are in accordance with humanity or abandon the religion altogether. Abandon it as the Greek mythologies have been abandoned, for the most part.

Failure to bring islam into the 21st. century in a positive, spiritual light will be the ultimate downfall of islam.

In my humble opinion.

Geoff said...

Father Zakaria speaks the truth! I know only too well, as a convert and then so-called apostate from Islam.They lure you in with sweet words, then when you find out the truth you're not allowed out on penalty of death! Truly Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world, and a cursory lok at the historical Muhammed, the so-called perfect man, will reveal why. Warlord and charlatan, the master of brutality and revenge. Wake up people, and recognize evil for what it is!!

Anonymous said...

Brother Zakaria , may the Lord show you your hidden sins and bless your spirit to walk in the right path, I tried to reach you personnaly but i couldn't find any link but the Lord Himself will be our link for I am sure that He will let you read this. Pride was the fall of the mightiest angel, humble yourself and let humility fall upon you, do not call yourself or let anyone call you father for we have only One Father and He is in Heaven. Becareful brother for with great responsability comes great judgement, continue the good work and may the lord Be with your spirit, in Jesus name Amen.

Anonymous said...

im muslim and truly what this onconscious man say is totally absurd and i answer for the one who said that islam will fall down soon that just in america every hour 23 person enter islam and that islam is the most propaging religion and allah will keep it and i say also that bible was just wrotten by human hands so how can bible be truth ?? poor of you islam will NEVER fall down !!!!

Anonymous said...

Egyptians and Saudis say that non arabs( Pakistanis, Indians etc) are not true muslims. Any genuine open minded analysis of muslim faith and doctrine reveals that it is not from God Almighty, since God is love.
A tree is known by the fruits.
To keep power of Saudi leaders, immediate successors of Muhammed brutally butchered 72 peoples of Yusuf's family and relatives including children. This is done by immediate followers of Muhammed. So we can realise what was taught by Muhammed

Anonymous said...


I want to comment on the proclamaition that "23 people embrace Islam every hour". The reason behind this calamity is not true conviction and faith but simply.....Muslims FORNICATING & COPULATING;following the footsteps of their Muhammad.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I want to comment on the proclamaition that "23 people embrace Islam every hour". first, all muslims don't know anything about their religion ask them few questions they dont know how to answer....i asked someone how mohammad slept with a dead women he told me:yes he have the right he is the prophet of god!i got crazy!look the logic of islam!jesus said there will be lots of false prophets after me that will mislead millions of people.that prophecy happened!

ttueoop said...

Anonymous who posted in the foreign language... If I can't understand what you wrote the post isn't staying.

So, anonymous who posted on October 25 in what appears to be Arabic, I'm sorry but I took your post down. Please repost in English.


Anonymous said...

Praise God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.I am absolutely fascinated by the courage of father Zakaria. I know it is a grace and the Spirit of God is with him.
To answer the Ignorant anonymous who said that Islam will never fall down!!
Where do you live? in a hole hiding like the late Sadam Hussein? Just watch the millions of Muslims already converted in the Middle East.
By the way brother, you got to understand that Islam is not a religion. It is a cult and it's founder is "SATAN"
You people have ears but cannot hear. You have eyes but cannot see. and you have a heart of stone that's why you cannot respond to God's light and truth.
To Father Zakaria I say: Be strong and stand firm for the Lord our God is with you. The Lord will be at your side. He will keep your steps from the snare. Have no fear.

ttueoop said...

Anonymous... Yes, Father Zakaria epitomizes courage and faith! He is full of grace!

You're also right, islam is a cult. Like all cults it will end someday.

muhammed was a murderous, insane pedophile and allah was nothing more than figment of muhammed's imagination, created to give muhammed an authority of sorts.

islam is doomed to fail. It's just a matter of time. There is no God in islam, the koran is nothing more than a collection of garbled, meandering, insane writings from persons who sought nothing more than personal gain.

Father Zakaria is safe, for sure!

Thank you for your insightful post anonymous (1/30/09).

alex said...

to the person who said islam will never fail i agree because by committing adultery and marry to 45 women like Mouhmed i assure you that islam will never end exept in hell

Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of religion Charles Manson would had started way back then. Now that's someone who has enough charisma to influence the people of thhat period, don't you think?