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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

islam's "call" for tolerance---

“Top clerics in the Middle East called Tuesday for acceptance and dialogue following a year marked by angry and sometimes violent Muslim reactions to "blasphemous" caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed published in a Danish newspaper last year, and a speech by Pope Benedict XVI linking Islam with violence in September.

The Pope simply stated facts and supported these facts with a well known historical reference. He doesn’t “link” islam with violence--- muslims link islam with violence!

The Pope stated the obvious.

The “religion of peace”, islam is not what it claims to be. It was founded on violence, promotes hatred and terror, immorality, genocide and intolerance for those who are not muslims.

The false prophet muhammed actively practiced and encouraged slaughtering, beheading, torturing, mutilating, burning, killing, raping, enslaving and otherwise destroying those dhimmies, infidels who would not convert and/or who defied islam.

He took a 6 yrs. old wife and had sex with his step son’s wife. allah, the muslim’s “god” not only supported this false prophet but encouraged all muslims to emulate muhammed’s life as a proper and respectful way to live.

I find it hard to believe any religion, any cult could be openly accepted in any society if it practices hatred, genocide, pedophilia, perversion, slavery, torture, mutilation, homicide and blatant destruction of life and property.

Intolerance and violence is to islam as heat and smoke is to fire.

There are the moderate muslims who remain silent and turn the other way when the radical muslims follow the way of muhammed--- kidnapping, torturing, raping, burning, beheading, mutilating and/or killing those who disagree with them and the so called “religion of peace”.

By their very silence, their failure to adequately intervene they not only condone but openly support and encourage the radical side of islam to continue to expand, exist and succeed. The moderate muslims are those muslims who would control islam’s “government” when the time does come for them to do so. They would impose Sharia law and would use their radical brothers to enforce it much as they use their radical brothers to try to indoctrinate and convert the dhimmies, infidels today.

This occurs as we speak--- as we hear of “calls for tolerance” by the moderates.

How can one not view this call for tolerance as a diversion, nothing more. A moderate's attempt to take the eyes of the world off of the atrocities actually occurring throughout all nations where muslims have a strong backing, currently. How can one view this "call for tolerance" as an effort to show the “good will” of the islamic community while the real atrocities continue to occur?

Lies and deceit are an accepted practice in the muslim community so long as they are practiced on non-muslims. Theft is condoned so long as a non-muslim is the “victim”, rape isn’t considered rape if the woman is married and it’s not witnessed by four males. In islam, if a married woman is raped she can and most likely will be charged with
provided the act was witnessed by four or more males.

So, this “call for tolerance” is one that should be viewed with tongue in cheek--- action is proof. You professed moderate muslims need to start acting out against your radical brehren! Prove to the rest of the watching world you're sincere about your "tolerance", your desire to meld with other cultures.

Put your actions where your silence is.

Prove you’re a religion of peace.

I challenge muslims to provide me with references, resources and links that will support the claims of islam.

And a simple reference to the qur’an doesn’t wash--- sorry.

A lot of my supporting references and resources are found in the links on the right and those linked by them, others are found in searches and libraries.

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