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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Well, It's Official, We've Been Betrayed!

I'll keep this short. Trump betrayed us! He didn't veto the omnibus bill! The leftist's (democrat AND republican) sellout of America.

Now we have to listen to the democrats and republicans and independents tell us how this bill was necessary to save our country. Rather than tighten our belts and make the tough choices they were elected to make, they seized the opportunity to bankrupt our country and convinced Trump to sign the bill.

He did. He told us he wouldn't but he did. He betrayed us.

This is the first brick in the wall. There's many more bricks that will be pulled or otherwise removed. But, a 1.3 trillion dollar "bail out" of obummer's and the left's prior spending sprees WAS NECESSARY?! The very suggestion for it to pass is absurd! PAY THE BILLS UP FRONT! Eliminate programs if you have to but pay the bills that are due!

This bill will be bringing one huge blow to our republic. Yep, Donald J. Trump sold us out and Schumer's and his little faeries from both sides of the aisle are laughing and loving it. He and his ilk played Trump big... really big! HUGE! And now that they've found the secret to playing him they're going to play him all the way through his long, now most likely disastrous term.

We have officially become dependent on our government, and vice-versa!

In case you missed his claim that he wasn't going to sign this bill I posted it. Here's one of many articles that documented that claim. For what it's worth I'm finally, officially pissed off, feeling betrayed, vamboozled. But hey, there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. The damage has been done!

Hang on, we're in for a long ride.


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