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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Government's Use Of Anti-Terrorism Laws...

They're in place for our protection. They're there for the protection of our republic, our very existence yet we find them being used more and more against those of us who might have differences of opinions with our government rather than harboring any terrorist inclinations whatsoever.

Yes, those "anti-terrorism laws" are on the books and are being used against us. It's a subtle use for now but things will most likely change given the nationwide push to restrict or even abolish our Second Amendment rights, at least. The push to seize our guns, to restrict our access to ammunition  and firearms components is a HUGE step towards complete control of us, the citizens and the proposed taxes. Given time, the implementation of those proposed additional fees on guns, components, licenses, ammunition, ammunition components will be instrumental in moving the gun "forfeiture" (seizure) effort forward to fruition. Oregon has once again tossed out Oregon Initiative 43, an initiative to the public calling for such a seizure. It's a "limited" seizure for now but it's still a seizure of firearms. When that occurs we'll be a conquered nation, conquered from within by those very people we elected into office who assured us they would protect our very liberties that they've targeted.

Our politicos are nothing more than pawns for their financiers and here's a hint, WE are not their financiers. They're not representing us, they're representing outside influences and their own personal greed.


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