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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Another Multiple Homicide In Florida.

I think it's safe to say this freak isn't a Catholic, let alone a Christian... just saying. Why do they call their cult a "religion"? Better yet, why do they insist it be called a "religion of peace"!

He slaughtered his "partner" and her daughter and tried to kill his nine years old son. All in the name of the allah pig!

“Right now, it’s just a blow to the whole family. It really is. We don’t understand it,” Angela Gaudette, O’Neal’s cousin" said. Yeah, sure. No one saw THIS coming. Nope. No one seems to "notice" anything. Everyone thought he was a nice, easy going, stable "good neighbor" who didn't seem to stand out in the crowd nor did he ever seem to display any "indication of violence or a decreasing mental state".

Well, except Walter Ballard who is a friend of Oneal. Ballard shared with the press that Oneal “...always told me had demons, but I never thought it was like that. I don’t know what would make him do anything to his kids,”

"Demons" seems to be an appropriate descriptor relating to Oneal's cultish preference.

When is our country, the rest of the world going to pay attention and wake up to this "religious" charade called islam?!


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