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Friday, March 02, 2018

California, Another First... Well, Actually Last!!!

Don't let the door hit you in your arse when you leave. California's the home for the rich and the poor, there's absolutely NO IN BETWEEN!

It seems California's one time "quality of life" has since been reduced to rubble, trash, nada. On a scale of one to ten for those states with fair, good, great, EXCELLENT quality of life the normal, everyday Californians don't rate anywhere on that scale. In fact, according to this most recent "quality of life" study done of all fifty states Californicatia rates at the BOTTOM!!! The very, very, very bottom! The "all by themselves" bottom!

The study included a review of all fifty state's personal opportunity provided to their citizens, the infrastructure of each state and the crime rate and criminal activities of each state and CALIFORNIA scores NUMBER 50!

La Raza anyone?!

Number 50 of 50... 50 as being the last, most shatty state in the union! The very bottom! The dump of dumps! But then again you reap what you sow Californians and faux Californians. Every vote counts... again and again and again I guess. Jerry Brown, you've done well to ruin what the rest of us thought couldn't get any worse. Here's hoping there's still time for reasonable, proud Americans to reclaim what is nearly lost.

In the meantime, be proud Californians, be proud. You've ruined a one time paradise. Well, you and your liberal "values". But you are the living, breathing example of what our country could be if we would just follow your lead.

Thank God we haven't!

Actually, my heart goes out to those good folks in the north and northeast end of the state. But then again, they can't seem to break away so they're stuck with the fools to the south. As the cancer spreads north the standard of living goes south, and not in a good way!

Build that damn wall!


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