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Friday, March 02, 2018

Take Our Guns First, Deal With Due Process Second!?

Mr. Trump! I have a problem with that statement you made! Take our guns first and deal with due process later!? I don't believe that's "constitutional"... yet.

But just to be clear Trump, you want to take our guns away first, you want to raise the age of gun ownership to 21 yrs. of age yet, you want our military to continue to recruit and/or draft (if necessary) 17 yrs. old able bodied citizens so they can go off to foreign lands and fight battles?! So what you're suggesting is it's okay for the government to arm those below your magical number of 21 years of age? Arm them and send them off to "fight and/or die" for our country... or someone else's country?

Mr. Trump! I was shooting guns before my age hit double digits. It can be argued at what age I was shooting them but from what I was told by my father I was around 4 or 5 years old. I learned one helluva lot about respect for guns, what they do, what they can do and what they can't do throughout my life. Guns, in one form or another, one caliber or another were and still are always a part of my adult (18 yrs. old, to date) employment. I owned my first long rifle when I reached the ripe age of 13 yrs. old. A Winchester model 94 30-30 lever action rifle. Before that gun I used my Dad's Model 98, 8 mm Mauser and an old reliable double barrel 16 gauge shotgun. I knew more about handling guns before I was 10 years old than most adults know today at 60 yrs. old.

And you want to screw with our second amendment rights, you want to deprive adult citizens their right to own and bear arms. You want to distort the legal age to fit your preferences.

Go to Hell Trump. Go to Hell! I see both sides of that mouth of yours working now and I'm not good to go with that b.s. We have no choice but to ride your term(s) out until we can find a real conservative who won't sell us out for a favor or whatever but hey, there's one out there somewhere. We'll find him or her.

In the meantime leave our Second Amendment rights alone! And also understand that a 18 yrs. old person is legally considered an Adult. Do the math, that's three years younger than your 21 year cut off... but that's still legally an adult. At that age (or actually 17 years old) they can die for us at our nation's whim.

Here's a bit more re: Trump's bad idea! It's what we, as citizens are constantly struggling with those on the left about... and now, it appears we have to struggle with Donald J. Trump over our rights too! I can only hope he was in one of his "flash in the pan" bad idea thoughts when he came up with those idiotic statements!

Either way, they're a bad idea Trump, a bad idea! Don't screw with our rights! They're not negotiable!



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