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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The "March For Our Lives"... a different perspective.

We all remember the Parkland school shooting, the Sandy Hook school shooting and oh-so-many others but we remember them differently as we grieve together, differently.

The most recent Baby Boomer generation's manipulation of their own offspring, their own spawn suggests they're not about to let a crisis go to waste. Especially if that crisis has a strong political link to their once failed and now resurrected agenda... The "March For Our Lives" wasn't a march for their lives. It was a march by the left for the left to promote the left's absurd global agenda once again and it failed. Regardless, it was another opportunity by the left to seize the stage relating to an insane, misguided, evil 19 yr. old failed product of liberalism's assault on all things he despised... freedom, happiness, family, friends, unity, diversification, security, peace...

And now the globalists, those who supported the most recent whiney liberal "march"... this "March For Our Lives" are laughing at those they manipulated into participating in that event. And all the while at least one lone wolf, one victim of that assault by the insane, murderous liberal product of the Baby Boomer society of the 60's sees the sanity in the whole ordeal. He sees this march for what it is, a blatant assault on all things conservative. An assault on the National Rifle Association and all things, all people associated with it. He sees it as another blatant attempt to strip us, our republic, our fellow citizens of our right to personal protection, of our second amendment rights in particular.

Yeah, Kyle Kashuv survived the insane attack on his school that day by spending most of the day hiding in a closet. Wondering when he would hear that door open and face his killer. He survived that day much like the rest of the survivors did... thankful to be alive in the end and he sees things differently, much differently than those like that fool Hogg who are fist pumping the air at every opportunity they get to advance the global liberal agenda on our society.

Kyle Kashuv's shown the maturity that folks like David Hogg and others fail to grasp, let alone feign. Kyle Kashuv recognizes there's problems that need to be addressed and division is one of those problems. He's suggesting that this whole new view of liberal knee jerking needs to be reviewed and called out for what it truly is...

I'm guessing it most likely has something to do with maturity. The global left recognizes the impressionable, the naïve, those who are adults by age but still children mentally and they manipulate them to promote their global agenda. Kashuv refused to be manipulated. He held his ground and spoke his mind.

The left, they don't like what he has to say. Too bad. Giddoverit!


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