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Monday, March 05, 2018

Christianity, Islam's Largest Target Has Never Changed!

It's just grown and moved. Christianity is growing and it's all about the cult of Islam's push to destroy the faith that's helped advance the faith's messages. Islam is a global cult that has zero tolerance for any other faith. Its whole foundation is based on evil, the anti-Christ. Thus, the potential of any islam-Christian global peace is pretty much a no-go.

I'm going to borrow Gatestone Institute's article "Don't Dare Sit With Us If You Want To Live" to remind us all of what's been going on for decades, at least. The hatred, the violence, the intolerance of islam, of muslims directed towards all things not muslim, in particular Christians. Make sure you read the article at least but if you want more evidence read those other incidents listed chronologically at the end of the article.

Currently, the muslim's are running helter-skelter all over the world slaughtering or otherwise destroying Christian's lives, their property... anything to do with their Christian faith. Children are being slaughtered in the name of allah, young girls are being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves, young Christian boys are being imprisoned for decades in muslim hell-holes, whole Christian families are being drug out of their homes in the middle of the night, beaten, slaughtered and their homes burned.

Nope, this islam bullshat! It's not like any other religion I've ever known, heard, read about or seen. It's a vile cult all to itself.



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