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Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Don’t apologize for me, for my family, for my friends, for my neighbors, for our country to our enemies!


Stop it!!!

Don’t grovel to Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Al Q’aida, Hamas, radical Islam and so many others you’re planning on humbling up to! You’re only here for four years… eight at the most. I’ve done no wrong… my family, friends and neighbors have done no wrong so don’t apologize for us!

If anything tell THEM we realize we showed our weakness multiple decades ago... back when we bailed out and defended those in need, back when we showed our weakness by being compassionate, responsive. Back when we believed in global peace, back when we believed in open and honest communication! We fell into their traps by acquiescing to their “demands”, by relinquishing our identities and selling our souls to them for peace!

Obama, stop selling out our country.

We’re good people who are and will protect what we have. We’ll help neighbors in need, we’ll work with those who are suspicious of us to ensure they know we mean no harm. But Barack, I can’t follow you down this path of giving up our soul to our enemies… apologizing to them for having provoked an attack on our country on 9/11. I’m not into dhimmifying myself, my family, my friends, my neighbors.

If you’re up to that Barack then do it alone. Leave our country out of it.

Quit kissing ass with our collective lips!

For what it’s worth.

Mine aren't kissing.


ablur said...

I have nothing to apoligize for. It is people like me who keep the country running with hard work and love of country. I am unwilling to give up so he can have a moment to bask in the sun.
You called it. Stop kissing up to those who seek our destruction.

Jim said...

I just found your blog . . . wonderful stuff. I also rant and rave more than just occassionally.

Why must the people who make this country run be punished for doing what we were taught by our parents (work had and achieve). This latest fiasco of bailing out those who have poor judgment and even less money and making us pay for the bailout is about more than I can stand.