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Saturday, April 14, 2007

A mix of world news. My tirades for this week---

What can I say, it was a pretty crappy week!

Associated Press image
-Don Imus, you idiot! Just what in the hell were you thinking?

Never mind, you said what you were thinking!

And because you did, because you opened your mouth and shouted "nappy headed hos" the coffins have been opened and those vampirish blood suckers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are infesting the news again.

Everywhere I look I'm getting blasts of their pathetically hypocritical, self important, bigoted mugs! And I don't like their mugs!

Look what you've done! It's a feeding frenzy and you're the main course!

I mean, I don't like you. I didn't listen to or watch you.

Okay--- well, I have to admit I did watch you once for about five minutes. All the time I was watching your simulcast I was asking myself why I was watching it. A quick flick of the remote button changed that little annoyance though.

So now you've gone out and really screwed things up for yourself, haven't you!

It's fitting that the last thing you tasted before your impromptu retirement was your foot. I hear a foot is a bit more palatable if there's condiments served with it. Did you get any? Probably not.

One of the many questions I have regarding your brain fart of an outburst is---

"Just what in the hell are your dhimmi-crat politico friends going to do now?"
And, look at the new spin you've given Hillary! Hop on over to Classical Values and check it out!

The dhimmi-crats have lost one of their rare left wing radio hosts! And Hillary's already trying to make the most of your demise.

Overall though, you've empowered Sharpton and Jackson again! You've given them renewed vigor and purpose!

You should have resigned on Sharpton's radio show the day he gave you the opportunity to. At least that would have had a bit more of a positive spin to all of this than you getting fired by CBS and MSNBC.

Oh well. I don't really care about you and your career. I DO care about the furor you caused for the likes of those bigoted hypocrites like Jackson and Sharpton.

But, for what it's worth I thought your firing was way, way overboard. Another knee jerk appeasement by the left wing main stream media to hate mongering radicals.

Way to go! Sheesh.

Thanks to Eric Scheie for the link to his work at Classical Values.


-Appeaser of the House, Nancy Pelosi and her half assed planned Iranian Adventure. A sequel to her half assed planned Syrian Adventure.

Are the Appeaser of the House, (California dhimmi-crat) Pelosi and sidekick Representative (California dhimmi-crat) Tom Lantos going to follow through with their plan to visit Iran and Iran's little prick of a president, Ahmadinejad?

If so, can we say Logan Act? C'mon Bush--- give it a shot, assign a special prosecutor to at least investigate the possibility of a violation of the act.

See what Curt has to say about it at Flopping Aces. It's pretty informative.

Also, check out Richard's post at Hyscience. Both are good reads.

Stay tuned for their Cuba and Venezuela adventures coming to a theater, television, radio or whatever probably pretty damned soon.

Remember, this is all in the spirit of fostering peace and goodwill with our radical friends from that there so called religion of peace, islam and their dhimmified allies.

If only they'd take Rosie along for the ride! But then what would little prick president Ahmadinersclub or whatever his name is do with all of that pork?

Oh, and just for the record I think Nancy's twin melons got a bit perkier somehow. Perhaps it was when she had her face stretched the last time.



Need I say more? He's like a friggin' fly that won't go away.

Damn, now he's telling his military top brass that if they don't want socialism then they need to find work elsewhere!

I wonder how many turned in their resignations?

Hey, pork's okay to eat in Venezuela!

Rosie! Rosie! Nancy and Tom might be planning a trip soon. See if you can hook up with them.


USpace said...

Great picture of the Dhimmicrat and Chieftess.

Castro is a cockroach muy gordo.

Reverend Al Sharpton is racist garbage...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe likes
racist liberals

exploit race relations
feed problems make a living

ttueoop said...

LOL. Wasn't that picture something. Wow. It really brings out her "beauty"--- or would that be "beast"?

Castro, Sharpton, Jackson, Pelosi, Murtha, Reid--- lump them and the others all together and you get a pile of crap, nothing more.

Human waste.