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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A mix of world news. My tirades for the week of April 28---

The Dhimmi-crats are well on their way to suggesting total, unconditional surrender.

Problem is they can't seem to put their finger on who they want to surrender to and that's a shame.

They've spent weeks, months writing surrender speeches, rehearsing dhimmification ceremonies, running straight pins through the Bush doll to no avail.

Now, when they've finally mastered the art of appeasement, perfected their version of dhimmi-crat cowardice they can't seem to find anyone to surrender to.

According to dhimmi-crat (majority appeaser) Reid, fat cat "let's do business later" Murtha and appeaser of the house Pelosi the war against terrorism is lost.

I guess someone forgot to tell the rest of us. Someone forgot to inform the thousands of citizens in this country, in the world that America lost the war!

If you were here in front of me right now Reid I'd spit in your face. I can't stand fat cats like you, Murtha, Pelosi, Kennedy, etc. who sit on your high horses, preach to everyone else and demand respect.

You get none from me! NONE!

I'm of no consequence to you though. I'm not one of your constituents so my disgust of you and your spineless party falls on deaf ears. However, there is Patty Murray and Maria Cant"-do-anything-"well, both dhimmi-crats who are affected by my vote, my influence--- however slight.

And trust me I will do all in my power to help put an end to this arrogance, this path to appeasement, this blatant display of cowardice over the course of the next 18 months.

Now, back to the main theme "Who to surrender to?"

Perhaps you might try the French. You'd better do it quick though, I hear they're looking for someone too! In fact, I believe they're currently negotiating for their right to be dhimmified as we speak.

And what about Representative Adam Smith? He's already running for the door.

Another dhimmi-crat.

Pathetic politicians!


Do we quit this battle too?

Do we Reid? Murtha? Pelosi?

How about it Smith? How about it Murray? How about it Cantwell? Do we quit this battle too? Do we give up on Afghanistan, on destroying Al-Qaeda? Do we walk away and try to forget and forgive?

Do we appease? Do we convert?

Do we simply "call it a day"? Tell ourselves "we gave it our all"?

Do we? Is this what you want? Is it?

What are your pathetic answers dhimmi-crats? What do you suggest?

You too you spineless republicans? Where are you great "leaders" of this country going to lead us today?

Are you going to lead us to yet another politically lost war? Are you going to lead us to defeat?

Are you wanting us to quit? To 'cut and run'?

And where is it you intend to send us running?

I'm sick. Sick and tired of hearing the political crap from both sides of the aisle. You're a pathetic, classless group of self important politicos who are not acting in the best interests of this country, us--- the people of this country who plopped your fat asses where they are.

For what it's worth, I'm sick of you! Sick of the Peloshis, the Murthas, Reids, Murrays, Cantwells, Adams, Kennedys, Reicherts--- sick of all of you and more!

I, for one am an American that is sick of your infighting, of your despicable behaviors in public AND private (eh, Murtha. Don't worry, that money's most likely still waiting for you--- wink, wink)! You people are disgusting!

While you posture, position, point fingers, cry (that is a bit petty John, tone down those tears), kowtow. While you insist on appeasing and appease with junkets to our enemy's camp--- AT OUR EXPENSE!!! While you continue to humiliate all of us, globally on this world's stage, while you do all of this and more, people--- soldiers, civilians, innocents, terrorists, police, scholars, students continue to die.

And they'll die whether we're fighting this war on terrorism or not. In short, they can't be abandoned. They can't be left to do without!

I agree with one thing you "nay sayers" are saying. This fighting does have to end! It does have to stop sometime!

But walking away, leaving the war in the middle of a battle does not bring an end to this wholesale slaughter.
It only serves to embolden the enemy. To appease and encourage more energetic assaults against our very mettle, our character, our purpose--- us!

You know that better than any of us yet you continue! You cater to them!

I remember them bringing the fight to us, several times--- on our soil. We didn't go looking for a fight with them, this enemy of enemies! They brought it to us!

And they'll do it again, and again, and again until we put an end to it!

That Mr. Reid, Mr. Murtha, Ms. Pelosi, Ms. Murray, Ms. Cantwell, Mr. Adams and the rest of you sorry assed excuses for Senators and Representatives is how this humble, blue collar, all American, Pacific Northwest citizen sees things---

I'm wholly embarrassed, frustrated and bewildered.

For what it's worth.

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