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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ah, a face only a mullah would love---

This is a face only a fat cat mullah could love!

Pelosi and her group of wannabes are wallowing around in Syria making pathetic, political asses of themselves.

This brings back memories of Hanoi Jane partying it up with the enemy in North Vietnam while American prisoners of war were being tortured and killed.

Yah, pelosi is really taking the appeasement road isn't she. It's actually embarrassing.

These pathetic politicians will stop at nothing to advance their own personal agendas, won't they!

This is actually a very disturbing photo. She's pretty much dhimmified herself up front.

Damn. And she's one of this countries "leaders"????

God help us!

April 06, 2007

For a far more informative post check out Carl's post at:

Israel Matzav: 'Palestinian' terrorists endorse Pelosi's visit to Syria; WaPo pans it#links#links

Why wouldn't they endorse her visit? She did more to support the oppression of women and non-muslims than anyone of her western political stature has done in a long, long while!

Visions of the Jimmy Carter days--- appease and be dhimmied.

The interesting parts of Carl's post includes possible legal remedies that can be taken against "appeaser of the house" Pelosi on behalf of the real United States. On behalf of us, the citizens of this great country I hope someone in the legal community will follow up on these remedies and pursue some course of legal action to curtail future excursions and misrepresentations by her and other politicos.

It's evident these appeasement junkets are solely for these politico's personal and political gains--- nothing more.

When will it end?

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