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Sunday, April 08, 2007

A mix of world news, my tirade of the past week---

---Over at the MEMRI Blog there's the latest information on German hostage Hannelore Marianne Krause's fate in the hands of the islamist terrorist group "the arrows of god". This renegade terrorist group has extended the execution deadline of Ms. Krause and her son for another ten days, affording Germany an opportunity to comply with their demands.

Their very name--- "the arrows of god" is deceiving. They should be calling themselves "the arrows of allah" for no real God would allow the kidnapping, mistreatment, torture and slaughter of innocents.


---And what about the suggested "amnesty" for illegal aliens? How's that little topic coming along?

You might want to learn a bit more about our friends, the "illegals" over at IllegalAliens.US before you start supporting their efforts.

It's just a suggestion, nothing more. Keep in mind that they're not that innocent, not that friendly, not that responsible and not your friend.

If any citizen of the United States was to go to Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, China, Sri Lanka or any other sovereign nation in this world and demand citizenship without having to apply and earn it what type of official government response do you think we'd get from the respective government?



Nah, I think not. And let's take it a step further. Let's say we demand citizenship, the government refuses to give it to us and sends us back to the United States. Within months we're back in the "other" country illegally (again) demanding that citizenship with no strings attached (again). But this time we're demonstrating--- blocking traffic, commerce, throwing bottles, waving placards with vile, hate driven messages stenciled on them. Belittling the very government and people we're demanding this amnesty from!

With the exception of France, do you think we'd be warmly received and catered to?

Would you honestly expect our demands to be met?

The arrogance of our illegal alien population is astounding.


---And finally, my third little addition to this tirade of the week---

Britain 0- Iran 15!

Sorry, but it has to be said! Britain crumbled. I love the U.K. Love the U.K. dearly but what were the brit politicos thinking?

Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted to see the fifteen military personnel returned to their homeland after their harrowing ordeal but at what expense?

What has this lesson taught the rest of the world about the west?

Check it out here and here!

I'll put money on an increase in kidnappings of military and government personnel worldwide!

And why not! Tehran got exactly what it wanted--- more time for their nuclear program to continue, distraction from Syria's and Iran's support for global islamic terrorism, recognition and respect from their middle east neighbors and global allies, bolstered morale, unfettered ingress/egress to Iraq and the cessation of the boarding and interdiction operation in the gulf.

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