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Sunday, April 15, 2007

All's quiet in Gaza---

---or is it?

According to this report found at The Jawa Report things may not be all that quiet in that troubled area of the world.

The Battalions of Jihad and Tawheed in Palestine released a flyer dubbed "An Announcement of the Killing of British Journalist Alan Johnston".

It claims BBC journalist Johnston has been executed and that it intends to release a video of his execution soon. To date, there's been no confirmation to their claim.

Let's hope the report's in error.

Johnston is the BBC journalist that was kidnapped over a month ago by this previously unknown terrorist group. According to information the Palestinian group claims to have close associations with Al-Qaeda.

UPDATE--- 04/19/2007

BBC announces that Alan Johnston is fine!.

Still captive but alive and well.

Let's hope this can be resolved soon and Alan Johnston will be released under the proper conditions.

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