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Monday, June 12, 2017

The last post of the evening. It's about the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton and more of her web of lies.

The Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton was caught lying again... or should I say still.

We already knew she lied to us just about every time she opened her mouth but this just helps nail down the allegations even more. She's better than any habitual liar I've ever witnessed in my life. She's probably one of the best. Her and slick willy, that alleged pedophile and pervert husband of hers.

I guess this isn't news, it's just old stuff we already new but have had corroborated via public records, etc.

Thank you Judicial Watch for the great information on hillary's lies, suspended sanctuary city reports and the most recent Veteran Affairs lawsuit.

Good stuff!


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