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Friday, June 30, 2017

So much for raising the minimum wage, eh! Seattle!

Remember that "thorough study" conducted by the government, the socialists, the flaming liberals and other Seattle politicos regarding raising the minimum wage in Seattle, Washington and setting an example to the rest of the nation, the world? Remember their promises to the masses of potential employees? Those promises of more money, more employment, more hours, more opportunities, happy days and a brighter future?

Well dayum! Who'da thunk it?!  "UW study finds Seattle's minimum wage is costing jobs".

Things just aren't going as well as we were told they would go in that there Seattle area. It seems since the minimum wage in Seattle, Washington was increased those involved in the industrial, employer, employee relationships are reaping the "rewards" of socialism, communism.

Leave it to Seattle's socialist city government to demand the industrial triggers, business owners, employers control and worker incentives be taken under the pretext of "equality in the workforce".

Leave it to that same Seattle's socialist city government to assign guv'ment mandates, sanctions, control, oversight to those very same businesses, industries, employers who've made Seattle the Northwest industrial giant it once was and you'll find a reduction in the quality of goods produced, the quantity of goods produced, an increase in the costs of goods sold and a disgruntled work force at best.

The overall employee, employer, customer, investor loyalty situation has become a whole new issue for Seattle and it ain't for the better. The Seattle, Washington socialist, communist "experiment" has played out exactly as many of us thought it would.

Some say "give it more time".

When the plane's in a downward, out of control spiral... when the ship's taking on water, time is of the essence! As a business owner you can't count on buying more time. You have to fix the problem and level things out again.

Seattle's businesses are doing what they need to do to maintain their level of profit, at least.


Thanks to the Seattle Times for generating the article in the link above.

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