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Friday, June 16, 2017

Failed Leadership begets Public Unrest!

In the world of the Palestinian Authority "democracy and freedom of expression and the media are non-existent!"

Under PA and Hamas rule things are even more ruthless. The Palestinian Authority and Hamas rule with an iron fist and will continue to rule with that iron fist until they're either replaced or until Hamas ceases to exist entirely.

From the article:

"...Abu Oun was arrested for posting similar criticism of Hamas on Facebook. Earlier, Hamas also arrested journalists Nasr Abu Foul, Ahmed Qdeih and Hazem Madi on charges of publishing "fake news" and "spreading rumors." Their real crime: posting critical comments about Hamas on social media. Later, Hamas also arrested political activists Mohammed al-Tuli and Amer Balousheh for the same reason.

Another Palestinian journalist from the Gaza Strip who has fallen victim to Hamas's crackdown on freedom of expression is Fuad Jaradeh, a correspondent with Palestine TV. Hamas security officers arrested Jaradeh after raiding his home in the Tel al-Hawa suburb of Gaza City and confiscating his laptop and mobile phone. His family says he was arrested only because of his critical postings on Facebook against Hamas."

I don't see things changing for the Palestinians anytime soon unless they bring the change on themselves.


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