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Sunday, June 25, 2017

How is islam a religion?

How is islam a religion when a major part of its very design is to destroy all other religions and those who practice them? How is islam a religion when it condones the rapes of men, women, boys and girls? How is islam a religion when it preaches the death or destruction of all things that are not Islamic?

Their "god" is NOT, cannot be my God. Their precious koran, their holy book calls for the annihilation of those who do not believe in their god, their sick, evil practices.

How is this vile cult a religion?! How can islam even remotely be considered a religion?  It isn't! It's a political movement. It always has been!

In our world today we've learned to accept divergent, polar opposite philosophies... beliefs in order to accommodate those who share rights, beliefs that might run contrary to ours. Normally, there's harmony or at least recognition that not all humans are created equal and philosophies, beliefs, morals, norms can and do vary.

We've even gone so far as to protect those whose beliefs are radically different than the "norm" of society, and we should have protected those beliefs. We've learned to accept the divergent practices and move on... a "to each their own" type of mentality.

But not the cult of islam. The cult of islam demands respect, demands superior recognition to those who do not participate in the cult and they pronounce terminal "sentences" on those who dare cross the lines of islum.

The Western society today accepts the fact that homosexuals exist and quite frankly we accept the fact that they have a right to exist. Many of us may disagree with their practices, their behaviors but it's their right so long as those practices, behaviors, etc. do not infringe on the rights of others. We do not punish homosexuals much like homosexuals do not punish us. We all co-exist. As it should be.

Except mooslums. islamists. They punish those who might "violate" their corrupt, misguided, bestial codes with beatings, fines and even death yet they demand protection from our government so they can continue to beat, fine and kill those of us who defy the "words of the koran" of  "allah" or those of us who simply "slander" their precious prophet.

They claim they're the religion of peace but in reality, they're nothing near peaceful.

Islamists punish homosexuals with death, but today “Islamophobia” trumps “homophobia.”

...and we allow this travesty to continue! Muslims?! They DEMAND protection. They DEMAND a higher standard of freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom to practice their cult's rites. They demand SUPERIORITY over the rest of us and our government is giving it to them. Spoon feeding it to them.

Shame on us. We're the hypocrites here. At least daesh, mooslums are bold enough to express that they really don't give a damn what we think about hem. They want what we have.

And we're rolling over, playing dead and letting them take it.


Thanks for the link Dan!

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