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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Big Brother? Well, they're still watching us.

...and sharing information with other countries re: purchase of firearms, ammunition and accessories.

Australian citizens "gave up" their guns awhile ago... officially. They're not "gun free" but they are legally "gun free".

On that note, our wonderful government is feeding the Australian government information relating to the online, mail order or other material purchases of firearms related products such as muzzle breaks, solvent traps, etc. This information is used by the Australian government to follow up on the leads and track products used to care for firearms, modify them or create/modify them.

As mentioned, firearms ownership is illegal in Australia, for the most part.

By way of identifying firearms related products being purchased and shipped to Australians the Australian government can establish a bona fide argument relating to illegal weapon possession by the recipient. The information could lead and does lead to the search of residences, seizure of "contraband" and imprisonment of citizens for illegal possession of firearms, at least.

And our "big brother" government is monitoring those purchases.

So yes Dorothy, we are being monitored. Don't think for a second we aren't.


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