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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

ISIS, daesh is cheated... again.

The Free Burma Rangers in Mosul... On the battlefield, praying to God yet, baited by daesh. Pinned down inside of an insane daesh kill zone, the dead and wounded piling up all around them. They make the rescues they set out to make without losing a soul of their own.

Men, women and children were saved while daesh tried to prevent their rescues. It's a daily happening from what I've read so far regarding that insane war "over there". It's humanity, decency, God fearing people against daesh, ISIS, ISIL... the very soldiers of hell themselves. daesh, ISIS, ISIL... islam. The spawn of hell.

Let there be no mistake about it, God does listen and will provide.


Thanks to 1776 Christian for this true story!

1 comment:

Dan T. said...

WHen I saw the Burmese, I instantly thought of the Ghurkas. Nepal is a close relative being just to the north west. Gotta wonder, seems like a lot of those little guys over there are quite good at what they do.