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Monday, June 26, 2017

SCOTUS supports POTUS Trump's Travel Ban

It's a travel ban and it's for our protection. The demoncrats and the rest of the flaming libs must think bringing folks who want to kill us, want to destroy our existence is a good thing. It's not.

The travel ban that our POTUS Donald J. Trump proposed has been upheld by the SCOTUS.

Parts of it anyways.

That's a start!

POTUS Trump is doing nothing more than trying to make our country safe again. And the left runs amok, compromising our safety, security for their political gain.

Ban travel from those countries who wish to destroy us. PERIOD. If their citizens wish refuge and seek refuge then let's help them refuge safely in place in their own countries!

Or at least their own REGIONS of the world.


1 comment:

Dan T. said...

Well, Trump got most of what he wants, for now. In a way, I dont mind the exemption for those who have immediate families here to sponsor them. At least it stops the bulk of those, particularly those we know nothing about.