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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Racist professor gets jerked from teaching for awhile at least.

The school must be pretty liberal to not fire the woman after the race baiting rant she went on. I mean, if I did this I'd have been not only fired but disgraced and banned by the whole "higher education" community.

She hasn't been. Instead she's been suspended.

Oh, but wait. She's a liberal , BLACK "professor"!

That makes a difference I guess. She'll probably be back from the suspension. And when she returns she can rant and rave all she wants to re: black lives matter and their ban on allowing whites to attend the BLM functions including at least the black lives matter’s all-black Memorial Day celebration. I'm pretty sure that if they allow her to return (and they most likely will to avoid a lawsuit) she'll pretty much have a free rein to say what she wants.

I guess this racism claim seems to only go one way. Black lives matter but white lives? Nahh. Not so much.


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