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Monday, June 26, 2017

YouTube and Google. Are they the daesh terrorists latest accomplices to share islamic terror?

Google and YouTube. They are evidently two other outlets that provide a platform for ISIS, ISIL, daesh... ISLAM. Let's call them daesh. These daesh animals, they're proud of their slaughter of innocents.

These videos, this information comes to us compliments of You Tube, Google and islam, the religion of peace. All acting in concert.

You Tube  and Google terror. A place to show the world what terror looks like.

I'm not thinking this islam stuff is all as peaceful as it's been cracked up to be. Not at all! Not nearly!

But then again, I'm a Western Christian, educated man with Western values. I have a profound appreciation of humanity and support a deserved peace. Evidently YouTube and Google don't. They're making too much blood money from daesh, et. al. to evidently give a damn about humanity.



Dan T. said...

Mark Suckerberg, a Jew, puts the truth to selling ones soul for a few coins of gold. I cannot understand any TRUE follower of Judaism supporting the cult of Mohammud, as he does. Of course, there were some jews that supported hitler sooo.

ttueoop said...

Lib sympathizers come from all walks of life. I can't help but question the current Pope's allegiance to his own faith given some of his most recent comments and positions he's publicly announced.