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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

But Wait A Minute!!!

I thought Comey DID say our POTUS Donald J. Trump was "investigated" and the notes of the "investigation" were hand delivered to Comey's friend that had solid contacts in the mainstream media! You mean there's even MORE LIES! coming out of the left's camp!

Oh, wait. Those were nothing more than "memorandum of interview" notes. After the fact. In the backseat of his limo on the way back to his office. There must be a federal distinction between the two.

I've been told there are, there appears to be a distinction so I guess there is. Kinda...

You know those feds. They're like a poorly hooked worm at a fishing hole. They'll do, say anything to get off of the political hook. But that's usually after they'll do, say anything to get the goods they need to preserve themselves. I can't say I blame them for doing that. Besides, the higher they get the farther they have to fall.

Comey was near the top.

But my perspective? I mean, in my professional past when I started asking detailed question and engaged in detailed discussions regarding matters at hand relevant to potential criminal acts or breaches of moral character I tended to call that "investigating".  When I made detailed notes of those discussions and copied those notes and stored or otherwise maintained those notes for any potential future reference then I was wholly in an investigative mode.

It sounds much the same as what Comey did during and after he met with our POTUS Donald J. Trump. He admitted that he memorialized and detailed his discussion(s) with our POTUS Donald J. Trump then committed those discussions to writing and/or recordings. He also passed off a copy of those "notes", "records of information", etc. to a "friend" who was personally selected by Comey because the "friend" had connections with the media and could get the information "out" to the media.

But there's subtle changes to Comey's story-(ies) every time I read or hear them. Either way it all adds up to copious amounts of lies to me. From everywhere!

This is American politics at large here, folks.


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