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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Another muslim attack in London leaves at least ten dead.

Ahh, islam's alive and well in the world. Just ask Sadiq Kahn, London's mooslum mayor. It's evident the mooslum's in this world are at are war with the rest of us! They're trying to devour or destroy everything in their path that can't be exploited by their cult. Even those "enablers" who claim to be "peaceful" play their part. Taqqiyah works well for the enablers. They can lie their way into our lives and they do.

London has a muslim mayor, muslim's attacked by muslims. How odd?! NOT!

When are folks going to wake up and realize what's happening in this world. daesh... islam... muslims are not reasonable animals. They're incensed on destroying or enslaving anything, everything NOT muslim.

It's past time for the world to wake up and take notice who the true global threat is. It sure as hell isn't global warming or drugs or famine or disease. It's islam... IMHO.

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