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Monday, June 05, 2017

Reporter almost bungles 1942, WWII Midway plans.

Here's a link you're going to love if you love history.

From The Washington Post, a story about an unsealed document that almost changed history...
A little bit of history inadvertently revealed about the battle of Midway back in the day.

A bit too much of a little bit of history of that battle I might add. It seems the detail of the information available caused too much of a stir and heads rolled prior to and subsequent to the publication of the information relating to the United States military's preparation and the battle itself.

So much in fact that the United States Government wanted to prosecute a member of the media, Stanley Johnston, an Australian for leaking information he had read from a dispatch left in his presence relating to the decoded Japanese messages - in particular, message No. 311221 which publicly provided details relating to the Japanese forces enroute to Midway. Fortunately, Japan didn't pay attention to the inadvertent leak.

Johnston was acquitted by a federal grand jury and no trial ever followed regarding the leaking of the information.

This story is a great read!


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