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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

That failed POSPOTUS obama's legacy continues.

Damn, another Obama junior varsity player made the big leagues.

Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar who was arrested by the Bush Administration and released by that failed POSPOTUS obummer's administration has resurfaced. It seems he's been tinkering in terrorism throughout the globe since he was released by obummer but, for the most part the maggot's been hanging out in Europe and primarily in France. The French allege he's been running another terrorist (daesh) cell and has been glommed onto by authorities yet again.

This Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar dude is A GITMO GRADUATE TO BOOT!!

Evidently his GITMO stay provide him plenty of education and that failed POSPOTUS Obama provided him plenty of opportunity when obummer released the maggot from our custody.

No one can or will ever convince me that barrack hussein obama was, is or will ever be our "friend" let alone was he ever looking out for our best interests. I'm actually thinking that's why that piece of shat obama had him released. So Lahmar could continue to carry on his little jihad against all people not daesh.


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