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Friday, June 09, 2017

James Comey was a failed FBI Chief... or did he intentionally "fail"?

Well, word has it that James Comey lied under oath but hey, I'm not following the hearings that much these days simply because they're nothing more than a show, a song and dance. Comey can and most likely will lie all he wants to but nothing will shake out of it. I see little, if any difference between the republicans and the democrats these days other than the fact that the politicos in each party are all about destroying the "other" party... democrats want republicans gone, republicans want democrats gone. Both are liberal as all get out in my book.

Comey was either derelict or he intentionally failed to adequately conclude key investigations as an agent and as the FBI chief.

Comey appears to have been heavily influenced by the likes of Obama, Clinton, Lynch and many, many other politicos who had (and still have) their sights set on the final push to bring our nation to its knees and make our republic a socialist state.

He and the rest of the politicos almost pulled it off were it not for the true power of the vote by the people!


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