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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

POTUS Donald J. Trump won't invoke Executive Privilege re: Comey's testimony.

If our POTUS Donald J. Trump doesn't want Comey's testimony to be heard then why won't he shut Comey up?!

Take a look for yourself. Maybe this is why!

The liberals would have us all believe they're wholly above the law and above board. We all know better. Any politico... ANY POLITICO who has their mouth open and is speaking is either lying or is thinking about lying on the next sentence if necessary.

Demoncrats, Republicans... any partisan politician tends to lie and/or otherwise deceive their listeners to get the politico's point across.

Our POTUS Donald J. Trump isn't a part of that POLITICO fraternity... yet. He's a businessman, NOT a politico.

But he might turn into one.

I hope not.

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