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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Comey's latest saga... it continues.

Isn't Comey the same Comey who "cleared" slick willy Clinton of wrong doing and, in essence saved his and slick willy's and the demoncrats from assured voter shame?

 Yeah, That's the same Comey.

He lied or at least failed to tell the whole truth and he allegedly was well compensated by not only the Clinton cartel but the demoncrats as well in his previous life as a climbing politico. Or so the story goes.

Now he's smearing a non-politico who has been elected POTUS. Smearing POTUS Donald J. Trump with just enough stench to, well stink just enough to lead one to assume there's something rotten in the Trump camp.

And there is something rotten there. It's the likes of Comey and all of the others when Trump, in a non-partisan way made a politically ignorant gesture and tried to accommodate all walks of the political arena in the new administration. You know, that "bi-partisan" idea.

Republican, demoncrat, communist, socialist, tea party, independent... it makes not difference. They're all organized to protect, defend and provide for themselves, their particular political agendas, NOT us, the voters, the taxpayers, the citizens...


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