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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Should Puerto Rico Become Our Fifty First State?

Let Puerto Rico Decide If They Want To Be The 51st State.

They're a loyal United States territory. They have been a loyal United States territory for quite some time. Oregon, Tennessee, Alaska, New Mexico... etc. Many of our states were territories once. Puerto Rico has stood by our side throughout history and their citizens are our citizens. I served in the Army with many Puerto Ricans and we called them all American Soldiers. They were, they still are citizens. Very LOYAL citizens I might add. We're one and the same so make it happen formally. If the citizens decide they want to become a state then let's make it happen!

Oh, and about that there "financial situation" they're in? Several states were and some still are in the same or worse financial situations than Puerto Rico's, giddoverit.

If the Puerto Ricans vote to become a state then let's make it happen.


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