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Monday, June 12, 2017

Problems with the "Comments" section!

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I was informed by several folks that the blog isn't accepting comments. I did a quick review and found the blog is still accepting comments but due to some filters we need to go through a couple of hoops for Google. It's all associated with SPAM filtering, and if anyone's had a website or blog before you know what I'm talking about.

Several folks wrote to me and said the site doesn't allow for comments because it has the words "No Comments" at the bottom of the page. I do accept comments. The notification simply means there's no comments written in reference to the article yet, not that comments aren't welcomed. They are! It's a Google thing, I can't seem to change it so if someone has any ideas on how to change the verbiage let me know.

Either way, if you want to leave a comment please click on the "No Comments" link at the bottom of the page. It should take you to a link that will lead you to a section where you can leave comments. One of the first things you'll be asked is to "Choose and identity". I suggest if you already have a Google Account (gmail, etc.) then use that. If not and you don't want to create one then use one of the other options.

The snapshot of the "Choose an identity" window above will drop down when you select to comment on the site. I do allow anonymous posts on this blog.

You have an option of selecting whether or not you're spam. If you select you aren't then you proceed to the next step. If you make a selection that suggests you are spam then your comments won't be registered.

Google requires you to login somehow. Either via a google account or several other choices including as an "anonymous" commenter. Personally, if you choose the "anonymous" option then I would at least like to see some sort of linked pseudonym there so I have some way of responding to you. I don't necessarily need your email address but if you want to provide it to me then simply send me an email with it to "ttueoop@yahoo.com". I'll reply to ensure that email works and we can go from there.

The simplest way to respond is to sign up for a "google" email account (it's free) via gmail and let's interact.

Thanks to those who brought this shortcoming to my attention. Like I said, it's been several years since I've actively tinkered with this blog and a lot has changed. I'll get around to figuring it out again.

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