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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This Heinrich idiot needs to listen carefully to the answers to his friggin' questions!

AG Jeff Sessions testifies re: the Russian witch hunt by the dems. Heinrich didn't like the answers so he cried foul!

New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich (D) has been schooled. He put on a show re: the demoncrats Russian witch hunt and got schooled by AG Jeff Sessions. Heinrich was reduced to a name calling, accusatory, finger pointing, threatening, blubbering fool.

This is a travesty. And it's going to continue until we, the citizens demand an end to this crap.

Our politicos need to move on. Neither a Republican nor a Democrat was elected as the President Of The United States in 2016. Nope. A non-partisan, politically inexperienced, non-politico American citizen was elected as POTUS!

Get Over It! The very crap we're experiencing as fallout from the election is why we made the choice we made last November. We don't want any more wholly partisan hacks!



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