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Monday, June 12, 2017

Is statehood the next step?

Well, 97% of those who voted want STATEHOOD for PUERTO RICO!!!

But only 27% of eligible voters voted. The rest were working or celebrating on the beach, etc. So, according to the opposition for statehood a true majority of the people weren't represented by the 97% "YES FOR STATEHOOD" vote. And it appears they have a valid argument.

Providing the representatives of Puerto Rico in dissent can convince those in Washington D.C. that the majority of the people opposed the idea simply by not voting at all. They'll be traveling to Washington D.C. shortly to make their argument. It's all coming down to the Puerto Rico delegation making an argument via the Tennessee Plan to our Legislators, et. al. in Washington D.C.

Add another star to our Stars and Stripes? That might be an uphill battle.


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