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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kamala Harris?! Who the hell is she?!

Harris wouldn't pause long enough to let our AG Jeff Sessions respond to her loaded, ridiculous questions. Who the hell is she anyways?

I watched this "exchange" between AG Jeff Sessions and this Harris clown. She appeared to have no idea what she was asking, she blatantly admitted her ignorance and the fact that she wasn't prepared for the interview and she, in the end made an absolute fool of herself.

Harris needs to allow time for the "respondent" to "respond" when she poses a question to the "respondent".

Nope. Harris was on here high horse and had that high horse pulled out from underneath her. She fell flat on her face during the "questioning" of Honorable AG Jeff Sessions.

She's a fool at least! She proved that yesterday at the hearings.

I do love Honorable AG Jeff Sessions statement to her though when she asked one of many questions in a tirade, early in the questioning. She asked Honorable AG Jeff Sessions a rather unhinged question and Sessions replied with "before I can answer that we have to understand the principal..." as she angrily interrupted him with "I don't care about any principal. I want an answer to my question."

Honorable AG Jeff Session then responded to her while she was still ranting. He told her "Well, if you don't understand principal then we have nothing to discuss here" (sic) or something to that effect. She was speechless for a couple of seconds then she went on a full blown vent or rant, wholly failing to let our Honorable AG Jeff Sessions respond to any of her questions. He just looked at her and openly laughed.

At that point she was interrupted and silenced by the Committee's chair.

It was obvious to me AG Sessions hit a nerve of hers and she went off. What wasn't so obvious is that she understood what he said to her when he did answer her.

What she should be thankful about is that finally,  someone with far more intelligence and common sense put an abrupt end to her nonsensical banter.


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