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Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's a HUNG JURY!!

This Bill Crosby trial!

A MISTRIAL! There must have been some fans of his in that jury.

Either way, the civil remedies quite often tend to be far more devastating and justified than the criminal remedies at times like this.

He may not go to prison but he probably won't have a home to go to when it's all over and done. The preponderance of the evidence is far less of a challenge to prove than the "beyond a reasonable doubt" trigger that determines whether there will be a criminal conviction or not.

Dissenting jurors dissent for a number of reasons including appropriateness of the charges, uncertainty, collusion, belief of innocence, lack of evidence, tampering, credibility of witnesses, race, religion, political affiliations, etc.

Who knows what happened in this "Cosby Trial".


1 comment:

Dan T. said...

Cant say that I care if Cosby goes to jail or not. At his age and health, he isnt long for the world anyhow. The financial loss, and the stress therefore, would be a much worse penalty. I dont know, nor care at this point if he is guilty or not. The one witness against him just didnt "look" right to me though. (Looks can be deceiving, but she reminds me of that Faux "black woman" that was in the news a few months ago.