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Friday, June 02, 2017

L.A. Mayor Garcetti. Is he banking on L.A. violence to prevent Immigration Enforcement?

Mark Garcetti, L.A.'s mayor holds a news briefing re: L.A. violence if ICE tries to enforce our laws.

Throughout the interview it appears Garcetti is banking on the possibility of violence to afford him an opportunity to avoid enforcement of the immigration laws of our nation. This is unreal!

I can recall previous L.A. failures over the past several decades that have led to total disasters for the city and national setbacks at best. This tacit encouragement by the mayor seems to be nothing more than much of the same shat, different day.

The illegal immigrants have absolutely nothing to lose. The Mayor knows that yet he appears to be enabling their efforts. Refusing to enforce the laws of the lands, encouraging violence, dissent is not a productive path for our nation.

However, it appears to be the chosen path of the liberal crowd in Californicatia and the mayor of Los Angeles, Mark Garcetti at least.

I just wonder how many of these "illegals" can speak Spanish, let alone English.

Special Thanks to The Daily Wire for sharing this article.

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