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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Comey's deception isn't over... yet.

The Comey saga ain't going away anytime soon. Comey's (what appears to be) perceived bid to be the next J. Edgar Hoover, spy master, FBI Director extraordinaire seems to have been bumbled and fumbled by his inept handling of the Bureau. That, and including his own inept attempt to cover up his political probe of our newly elected POTUS, Donald J. Trump when our POTUS was campaigning for the Presidency... and after he was elected POTUS.

Comey's like a cat trying to cover it's own shat in the neighbor's vegetable garden.

Comey leaves out the details re: a crucial statement he made. What was the deal he made with Chritopher Steele re: Donald Trump?

I'd like to know myself. It's a critical part of this whole what appears to be abuse of authority by Comey. I'd sure love to know what sweet deal was made with the ex- British spy.

Comey appears to be the latest epitome of failure.


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