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Friday, June 23, 2017

Another mysterious political death and we're surprised, WHY?

 Here's another link forwarded to me by Dan from Montana. Can we say "DUH"? I mean, he snitches off the DNC info, he goes missing and now he's... well, you read about what his status is. You can find a nice article written by Prissy Holly in the Freedom Daily.

This isn't one of those "revelations". This was expected and it happened. 

"...An assassination plot on one of their very own people who was getting close to exposing an ENORMOUS scandal on the DNC". I'm sure all of these very recent deaths were accidental or self inflicted or both.

Is the demoncrat party "literally killing off Americans in order to prevent their dirty laundry from being aired to the American public!"?

By the way, what is that clinton clan up to these days?


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