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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Our POTUS Donald J. Trump is new to politics. He doesn't know any better... yet.

Well, our POTUS Donald J. Trump just had one helluva introduction to Politics 101 and he's still surviving.

Don't think for a moment that the whole political structure in this country isn't being manipulated, affected by the global politico community. It is! The argument is our POTUS Donald J. Trump better be a fast learner or he's going to be gutted and devoured by that global politico community, our politicos included.

Our POTUS Donald J. Trump doesn't know any better. Our POTUS Donald J. Trump isn't a politico, YET. Let's hope it stays that way.

That's why he's saying what's on his mind. That's why he's genuine, direct, frank in his discussions, his reactions. He has no time for the "kinder, gentler, more sensitive" approach. He calls things as he seems things and if he's wrong he'll back up, regroup and attempt to make it right.


But the existing politicos... locally, nationally and globally... well, they won't give him a second's notice before they pounce on him.

If I were the POTUS I'd wear their angst, their banter, their disdain, their lack of trust in him as a badge of honor. They're blatantly admitting that our POTUS Donald J Trump has no experience re: being a thief, a liar, a malcontent, a blight on society, a self serving public leach... I could go on but you get the idea.

They're admitting that POTUS Donald J. Trump doesn't know his way around the politico arena... locally, nationally or globally.

Hell! Trump said that himself!!! He told us that up front!

They're admitting that our POTUS Donald J. Trump isn't a member of their precious sorority, their "all about me" club. They're admitting that our POTUS Donald J. Trump doesn't fit in with them and their needs, wants, greeds. He doesn't share their lust for power, authority.

Nope. They're admitting that our POTUS Donald J. Trump is, well... just one of us... but with a helluva lot more money than us, as individuals. Which, quite frankly is why I voted for him. He was by far, without any doubt the best choice for me to make of the last two standing. He is just one of us...

Naivety, gut reaction, logic, experience and frankness seems to be the order of the day for our (so far) non-politico POTUS Donald J. Trump. I find that refreshing... refreshing as all get-out.


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