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Friday, August 25, 2017

President Trump Pardons America's Sheriff!!!!

It's a done deal. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been pardoned. But he should never have been arrested, charged and found guilty of the crime in the first place. He was doing what all Sheriffs and Law Enforcement Officers swore under oath to do and are required to do... He was ensuring the laws of the land were being equally enforced within his jurisdiction. To not enforce the nation's immigration laws within his jurisdiction would suggest Sheriff Joe Arpaio was playing "favorites" and was selectively enforcing laws for particular classes of people. That wouldn't jibe with his oath of office, at least. He could have been charged with malfeasance (at least) if he failed to enforce those immigration laws.

Soooo I hope the heads of those who targeted America's Sheriff, Joe Arpaio will roll for their malicious prosecution of an innocent man who was compelled by oath of office and the law of the land to enforce the laws of the land.

But that's another story, another day.

Either way America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been pardoned!

In the meantime, check out the over the top biased headline huffington post put on their story... "Trump Pardons Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Who Illegally Targeted Latinos"

Note: In typical butt hurt liberal style, huffington post's wannabe "reporter" ryan j reilly doesn't address our POTUS as "President Trump" and he alludes to the illegal immigrants as well, "latinos". We have latino citizens, we have Italian citizens, we have French citizens, we have Cuban citizens... Hell, we have all kinds of makes and models of "citizens". If any of those or any other ethnic groups or nationalities are here illegally then I'd hope the immigration laws would be enforced much like they legally were enforced by America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio until that POSPOTUS obama took office. 

It looks like now that the POSPOTUS obama's gone and we have a real POTUS at the helm those laws will once again be enforced without delay.

Oh, and maybe that wall will get built too.

POTUS Donald J. Trump shouldn't have had to pardon America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He did and I'm thankful POTUS Donald J. Trump did pardon America's Sheriff but Arpaio's arrest should never have happened in the first place. I hope Sheriff Joe Arpaio files a civil suit against the U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton AND the federal government for false arrest, defamation, malicious prosecution, etc.

But America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio most likely won't. He's deserving of seeking and received justice, vengeance but I doubt he'll give it a go.

You're good to go Joe! Thanks for your exemplary service America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio! Thank you!



Dan T. said...

This has TWO big benefits for me. First the Sheriff is pardoned, which is important because he was being persecuted for doing the job he was sworn in to do. Protecting citizens from the illegal invaders that care little to nothing of the laws of America. (or, it seems, any other nation.)

The second is even better for most conservatives. We get to sit back and watched all those liberals while their heads pop like overgrown zits. The screeching and wailing that I have been seeing and reading and it hasnt even been 24hrs. (And most of that was in the middle of the night.) Its always great when the loony left melt down. Maybe we should make a fund to provide pacifiers and diapers for them Dont cha just love it.

ttueoop said...

Hey Dan... thanks. I agree! America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio should never have been found guilty in the first place but then again, that's liberal politics. If they can't get us via the law then they'll get us via their liberal, biased, politicized, self serving judiciary (which has really nothing to do with "real law").

I'm posting my response to your comment over two weeks after yours was posted. I'm still seeing the hang wringing, the whining, the finger-pointing and the whole damned "poor us" pampered left cringing all over the nation as fallout to our POTUS Donald J. Trump's pardon of America's Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

I love it!