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Thursday, August 24, 2017

How Should We Respond To The Suicide Attack Threats?

By targeting those who threaten us. By identifying, isolating and eradicating these vermin, their very existence!

We need to take away their desire, their faux "rewards", their very incentives for their murderous, cowardly attacks and they will fail to respond to the whole concept of destroying others in the name of "peace".

We need to work together as a global unit to ensure these spawn from hell cannot and will not attain what they wish to attain... global dominance.

And so far, that isn't happening. The islamists, they're gaining ground in Europe and are feeling their oats. They're emboldened by the complacent responses they're getting in relation to the "jihadist's" attacks on European citizens.

And the islamists? They're liking what they see. So where's the deterrent? What's there to make them put an end to the slaughter of innocents, of those who opened their arms to these vermin with the hopes of co-existing with them.

"The gutless response of world leaders to so many terrorist attacks suggest that the world has apparently bought into the "victim narrative" of these extremists, who first set their own countries on fire and then entered Europe with the baggage of their totalitarian ideology, aiming to enslave the masses here too."

In short, Europeans are comfortable with being the "victim" so long as it isn't them, individually. They've invited the "refugees" into their lands, their homes and now they're the victims of the jihadist movement.

America, North and South America... learn from those mistakes made by our global neighbors. These "refugees" are not the "refugees" they appear to be. If they're not part of the "jihadist" movement (directly) then they at least support it, condone it, enable it in conformance with their "belief".

Thanks to The Gatestone Institute and in particular Khaled Abu Toameh for this piece of information and so much more!


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