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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Modern Republicans are not "conservatives"

You can try all you want to convince me that the Republican party is the conservative party but it's not! Neither is the democrat party the conservative party but then again, we already knew that.

I don't know of any political party out here in the real world that truly is a solid "conservative" party. None. But to try to pass off the "Republican" party as the party of conservatives is, well, beyond the pale!

Too many Republicans have crossed over to the liberal side and/or have hindered forward progress for our nation by failing to act, failing to perform their duties, failing to adequately represent their constituents who voted them into office. Too many of our elected politicos have made promises they've failed to keep and have hindered even the slightest hint of progress that might have been completed via our citizen elected Trump president. The Republicans don't want our POTUS Donald J. Trump to succeed and they're more blatantly obvious by the day about ensuring our POTUS Donald J. Trump fails, at least in the politico arena.

John McCain isn't the sole traitor to conservatism. There's far more than McCain who need to atone for their actions and failures. The bulk of our elected "officials" are simply feeding from the trough at our expense. Biding time until the next election.

We need term limits!


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