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Friday, August 04, 2017

Ah... the elite have us pegged...

Or so they think.

They're oblivious as to why we voted against their sorry souls. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, that "Obama's vice president" dude (oh yeah, joe biden), Pelosi, Schumer, Reid... the entire elite left, Republicans, demoncrats, independents alike. They're all confounded as to why we didn't vote the way we were told to vote.

They can't believe they lost the election. They refuse to accept that fact.

And they're still trying to assign blame to someone, somewhere.

So they're assigning it to us, the voters who caused them to lose. We don't know any better. We're not elitists, privileged, pampered, educated. We're simple folks who have no idea what we're doing and our vote was just a knee jerk reaction to their elitist way.

We betrayed them...


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