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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Our POTUS Donald J. Trump is more dangerous than...


Okay snowflake.

The liberal agenda! The mindset of liberals! It's beyond reason, beyond rational behavior. Their heads are so far in the sand, the rhetoric is so absurd, their rationale is so failed that they can't even begin to understand the fundamentals of decency, of honesty, integrity!

This Daniel Altschuler idiot from the "Make the Road New York", an "immigrant-rights" group is... well... an idiot. He's beyond reality. Very sheltered, very "schooled" by the left and very, very na├»ve.

But he's doing the best he can to forward the left's agenda.

He's obviously a full fledged liberal and we all know libs. They'll sell their souls to forward their agendas.

...and most of them have.


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