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Monday, August 07, 2017

So What Gives With The Palistinians?

Are they softening their stance on Israel or are they just posturing for some more, "unexpected", "unpredictable" mayhem.

Either way, over 400 polls suggest there's an awakening of sorts by the Palestinians.

What that "awakening" might be is the real question. Daniel Pipes reveals a myriad of possibilities in his most recent article. Over time, have the Palestinians been "coming around" to accepting the fact that Israel, Jews will maintain control of what is known as Israel for a long time coming? And given that, have the Palestinians accepted the fact that they're more than likely going to have to co-exist with the Israelis for peace to occur? Do the Palestinians truly want peace to occur? What is more important to the everyday Palestinians, peace or continued "resistance" with Israel?

And on the other side the polls suggest that Israel wants a tougher policy regarding the Palestinians. They're not all that trusting of them and quite frankly I believe that lack of trust is deserved by the Palestinians.

Some very peculiar poll results from the Palestinian side suggests that "only 12 percent of West Banker residents and 25 percent Gazans said their priority was to "establish a Palestinian state," while 49 and 40 percent, respectively, said their priority was "a good family life".

The polls tell a telling tale.

War, hatred, resistance can wear on a person. Especially when the heart, soul and mind's no longer in the game. Eventually folks come to the point where "enough is enough".

The poll results? They're most definitely not what I expected but then again, they are polls.

Let there be peace for all. The alternative's ugly.


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